The Unseen closes after a brief but successful run!

The Unseen by Craig Wright. The 2013-2014 Intern Showcase production at Tennessee Repertory Theatre. L to R: Richard Daniel as Wallace, Kevin Bohleber as Valdez. Artwork by Kimberly Shephard/ Tennessee Repertory Theatre.

The Unseen by Craig Wright, the 2014 TN Rep Intern Showcase, has come and gone.  It had a two performance run by design…a very limited engagement, if you will.  Nevertheless, it was a successful experience for all involved!  I would like to thank, again, Tennessee Repertory Theatre; and especially the interns, for asking me to direct this project.  It was a challenging but rewarding script to dive into and I have to extend my gratitude to my cast:  Richard Daniel (Wallace), Kevin Bohleber (Valdez), and Kenny “Betamillion” Brown (Mr. Smeija aka Smash) for tackling this project and it’s ever unusual rehearsal schedule.  Also, thanks to Jessica Ayers for rocking out the lighting design and for putting up with the beacon lights!!!

L to R: Richard Daniel as Wallace, Kevin Bohleber as Valdez. Photo by Kimberly Shephard/ Tennessee Repertory Theatre
Kenny Brown as Mr. Smeija (standing) and Kevin Bohleber as Valdez (sitting). Photo by Kimberly Shepherd/ Tennessee Repertory Theatre
Kevin Bohleber as Valdez. Photo by Kimberly Shepherd/ Tennessee Repertory Theatre

To the interns:  Katherine Gering (Props), Maria Mignone (Costume), Jaclyn Shaull (Stage Management), Kimberly Shepherd (Marketing), Jonesia Smith (Tech Production/ Set Design)…Thank you for all your hard work on this play. You should be very proud of this production as your talent and work ethic shined through in aces!!  I wish you all the best with your future endeavors and hope to work with each of you again if the fates allow it.  On to the next!!

L to R: on cot Richard Daniel as Wallace, Kevin Bohleber as Valdez. Photo by Kimberly Shepherd/Tennessee Repertory Theatre

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Trailer for The Unseen

Here’s the trailer for The Unseen by Craig Wright.  I’m directing this play for the Tennessee Repertory Theatre and the 2013-2014 Interns as their capstone showcase performance.  Performances are April 27th & 28th, 2014 at NPT Studio A.

From Tennessee Repertory Theatre:

Our 2013-2014 Professional Interns are gearing up for their production of THE UNSEEN, April 27-28, 2014. Learn more and make your reservations at:


Behind the Scenes: Look into The Unseen

Here is a brief look into the promo photo shoot for The Unseen by Craig Wright.  It is TN Rep’s Intern Showcase for 2014 and I am directing this production.  It runs April 27-28, 2014 in Studio A at NPT.  More info on tickets and what not can be found here.  Enjoy!

Unseen Cast and Crew

  • Kevin Bohleber as Valdez
  • Kenneth Brown as Mr. Smeija aka Smash
  • Richard Daniel as Wallace
  • Director: John Mauldin
  • Lighting Designer: Jessica Ayers
  • Lighting Consultant: Phillip Franck

2013-2014 Professional Intern Production Team

  • Properties Master: Katherine Gering
  • Costume Designer: Maria Mignone
  • Stage Manager/Sound Designer: Jaclyn Shaull
  • Marketing Director: Kimberly Shepherd
  • Scenic Designer: Jonesia Smith

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The Children’s Hour closes but leaves it’s mark

When I was cast in this play I vastly underestimated the emotional heft that was packed into a play written in 1934.  The power of a lie.  Even if you aren’t the one that tells the lie, it’s ramifications multiply in every generation of it’s telling.

Dr. Joseph Cardin is a nice guy.  A very nice guy with a strong sense of honor and loyalty.   He is a fixer.  It is that which makes him a good doctor.  I got all that but what hit me as the show progressed through its run is the amount of guilt he carries that a member of his family crafted this lie.  This lie that ruins his relationship with Karen and ultimately plays a factor in Martha’s suicide.

One thing that kept nagging me was in his last scene with Karen why he didn’t say he loved her.  I mean I understood within the structure of the play why he couldn’t but you can’t play “to further the plot on” as your intention.  I came to believe that when pushed to the emotional turning point and after Karen basically tells him that she couldn’t believe him ever he fell back on his training in a sense.  As a Doctor he had to take the Hippocratic Oath,  and in one translation this phrase caught my eye:

I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.

Never do harm.  At least he could try to stop hurting Karen by giving up the battle.  This may make him too noble but I feel there is enough support in the script to make this plausible.  And if ever there was a time that Karen asked for him, he would be there.

And now big thanks to Street Theatre Company and Cathy S. Street for casting me in this project.  I would also like to thank Jaime Janiszewski who played Karen and Martha was played by Terra Buschmann.  It was an amazing experience to work so closely with other actors that are more than willing to go “there” and to be incredibly open to changes in the nuances of their performance.  The rest of the cast was simply amazing and committed to presenting the play in it’s best form.

It was challenging experience.  It was a rewarding experience.  It was a learning experience.  I am very grateful for it!

 Me as Dr. Joe Cardin and Jaime Janiszewski as Karen Wright in Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour at Street Theatre Company (9/06-9/22, 2013).  Thanks Kenn Stilger for the beautiful photos!!

Jaime Janiszewski as Karen Wright and ME as Dr. Joseph Cardin in Lillian Hellman’s The Children’s Hour at Street Theatre Company (9/06-9/22, 2013). Thanks Kenn Stilger for the beautiful photos!!

The Children’s Hour…my next gig

Sept 6-22
Set in an all-girls boarding school run by two women, a rumor started by a malicious student soon turns to scandal. As the young girl comes to understand the power she wields, she sticks by her story, which precipitates tragedy as irreparable damage is done.

I have been cast to play Dr. Joseph Cardin in Street Theatre Company‘s production of Lillian Hellman’s The Children’s Hour.  Rehearsals start at the end of July and the show runs September 6-22, 2013.  More details to follow but suffice it to say I’m pretty stoked!!

Escanaba in da Moonlight closes as a crowd favorite

EscanabaPRposterI just want to say that this play was a mess.  An absolute mess!  But what a fun mess, eh!  I had a blast playing Reuben Soady!  I am very thankful for the opportunity afforded me by the Boiler Room Theatre!  Lisa Gillespie was a wonderful director to work with and Ginny Lodholz a superb stage manager.  I also have to congratulate my fellow cast mates: Scott Stewart, Andrew Derminio, Douglas Goodman, Scott Rice and Vicki White on a successful run.

The audiences were amazing and I was surprised by the number of Michiganders that reside in the Middle Tennessee area.  There was a fair number actually from Escanaba.  One gentleman brought a copy of his birth certificate to the show to prove he was from there.

All in all a great theatrical experience that I will cherish for a long time. Kudos again to the cast and crew!