Escanaba in da Moonlight closes as a crowd favorite

EscanabaPRposterI just want to say that this play was a mess.  An absolute mess!  But what a fun mess, eh!  I had a blast playing Reuben Soady!  I am very thankful for the opportunity afforded me by the Boiler Room Theatre!  Lisa Gillespie was a wonderful director to work with and Ginny Lodholz a superb stage manager.  I also have to congratulate my fellow cast mates: Scott Stewart, Andrew Derminio, Douglas Goodman, Scott Rice and Vicki White on a successful run.

The audiences were amazing and I was surprised by the number of Michiganders that reside in the Middle Tennessee area.  There was a fair number actually from Escanaba.  One gentleman brought a copy of his birth certificate to the show to prove he was from there.

All in all a great theatrical experience that I will cherish for a long time. Kudos again to the cast and crew!

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