Behind the Scenes: Look into The Unseen

Here is a brief look into the promo photo shoot for The Unseen by Craig Wright.  It is TN Rep’s Intern Showcase for 2014 and I am directing this production.  It runs April 27-28, 2014 in Studio A at NPT.  More info on tickets and what not can be found here.  Enjoy!

Unseen Cast and Crew

  • Kevin Bohleber as Valdez
  • Kenneth Brown as Mr. Smeija aka Smash
  • Richard Daniel as Wallace
  • Director: John Mauldin
  • Lighting Designer: Jessica Ayers
  • Lighting Consultant: Phillip Franck

2013-2014 Professional Intern Production Team

  • Properties Master: Katherine Gering
  • Costume Designer: Maria Mignone
  • Stage Manager/Sound Designer: Jaclyn Shaull
  • Marketing Director: Kimberly Shepherd
  • Scenic Designer: Jonesia Smith

Video #1



Video #2






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