The Odd Couple: A Post Mortem

Having just finished The Odd Couple (Jan.12-Feb.12,2017) out at Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre, I have to say it was a blast!  This was one of those times in the theatre where everything comes together: cast, direction, set, audience…and the mixture of everything creates something that is very special.  I think that the change of ownership at the Barn and with The Odd Couple being the first show out of the gate for the new owner brought added energy that was unique and solidified all of us for success.  Everyone wanted the show to work and for it to be best product that we could muster.  Top to bottom this was a positive success and that is a rarity in our Art.  Kudos to all!

What they’re saying…

“John Mauldin is perfectly wry and sardonic as the policeman Murray…” from Jef Ellis’s review at Broadway World.

“Mauldin takes on the role of Murray, a surprisingly soft-hearted NYC police officer. Mauldin’s Murray is frequently the literal and figurative peace-maker of the bunch. Similar in stature to “Mike and Molly” sitcom star, Billy Gardell, whose character was also a cop, Mauldin’s Murray proves to be a big softie during some of the show’s more serious moments, while simultaneously giving some of the best reaction faces of the bunch during the show’s biggest laughs.”  from Jonathan Pinkerton’s review at Nashville Arts Critic.

Up next for me:  I have been cast as Warnock Waldgrave in The Nerd back out at Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre which runs March 23 to April 23.  Spoiler alert: my son is making his stage and professional debut as Thor Waldgrave.  I am so proud of him and look forward to what he can bring to the mix.

I’ll keep ya posted!

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at Nashville Rep: A Post Mortem

I was very thrilled to be involved in this project.  I enjoyed working with all involved from my cast-mates, to the fabulous director Rene Copeland, and all those wonderfully amazing artists at Nashville Repertory Theatre.  It was a stunningly beautiful visual production.  I look forward to working with all these talented folks again soon!


What have others said about my performance and the production itself:

The Tennessean– Amy Stumpfl

“John Mauldin makes another notable Rep debut as the stately Polonius.”

Nashville Arts Critic– Evans Donnell

“And John Mauldin (we know each other well enough that I’m confident he’ll take this as the compliment it’s intended to be) puts a Polonius onstage that’s winningly reminiscent of long-departed character actor Victor Buono.

Nashville Scene– Martin Brady

“John Mauldin makes his Rep debut a successful one, as a well-spoken Polonius with presence.”

The Cast of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead closing night, 10/31/2015. Photo by Rene D. Copeland.



Actor Night for Nobody’s Perfect

$10* ( cash only) Actor’s “NIGHT”
(details below)
Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre
8204 TN Hwy 100 37221
Produced by John and Janie Chaffin

Directed by Martha Wilkinson

 Costume Design by Jamie Scott

Set Design by  Martha Wilkinson

Lighting Design by Cecilia Lighthall and Martha Wilkinson

Set Construction & Technical Director-John Chaffin

Properties by Martha Wilkinson

Artistic Director – Martha Wilkinson

Production Stage Manager – Cecilia Lighthall

The Cast

Leonard…………………..John Mauldin

Harriet……………………Bonita Allen

DeeDee……………………Liz Walsh

Gus…………………………Lane Wright


All Show-Only tix are
$10 *(cash only) per person good for up to (4) people per party!!!
(and please, feel free to spread the word to other ‘actor’ pals and theatre types; people that like theatre, have been to a play, always wanted to go to a play, can spell theatre, maybe drove by a theatre one time….)
To reserve your $10 tix, please call the box office 615-646-9977 EXT 0
 if you reserve then are unable to make it, please let us know ASAP.
NOTE: If you find out a pal you want to sit w/ is coming let us know and we’ll try to make it happen. We just want to avoid any switching of tables that evening as we have waiters and need to know in advance exactly how many people are coming so that the waiters are “seated” fairly.
And speaking of waiters, please remember this ticket price does not include a tip for your waiter -PLEASE remember them generously!

Voice-Over Samples

For Voice-Over Samples, please follow the links :

Conversational Voice:

Character based voice work (IDS Summer Rep & Plays on the Intrawebs):

  • Sherlock Holmes, Knox Manning, Alfred (butler), and Rachel Howells in Sherlock Holmes episode entitled “The Musgrave Ritual”.   IDS 335.
  • Bob in X Minus One episode entitled “Protection”.  IDS 340.
  • John Bickerson in The Bickersons episode entitled “John’s Operation”.  IDS 346.
  • Julius Peterson in Quiet, Please episode entitled “Take Me Out to the Graveyard”.  IDS 356.
  • Chester A. Riley, Junior Riley, Sharkey and Carl Stevenson (Boss) in Life of Riley episode entitled “Thanksgiving with the Gillises”.  IDS 360.
  • The IDS Storyteller in Coronet Little Show episode entitled “The Gift of the Magi.”  IDS 364.
  • George Cooper and the Mailman in My Favorite Husband episode entitled “Valentine’s Day”.   IDS 371.
  • Dudley in Escape! episode entitled “The Time Machine”.  IDS 386.
  • Professor Russell Adams in Lights Out episode entitled “The Meteor Man.”  IDS 391.
  • Walter Phelan in X Minus One episode entitled “Knock”.  IDS 395.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Tom Lakland in Sherlock Holmes episode entitled “The Adventure of the Tolling Bell.”  IDS 399.
  • Mr. Avery and Jim in The Hop to It Club episode entitled “Fun with a Tractor”.  IDS 400.
  • John Utterson and Man #1 in An original adaptation by Brad Oxnam of Robert Louis Stevenson’s, classic novella, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.  IDS 408.
  • Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve in The Great Gildersleeve episode entitled “Gildersleeve Thanksgiving”.  IDS 412.
  • John Bickerson and Hap in The Bickersons episode entitled “Christmas Eve”.  IDS 416.
  • Waldorf T. Flywheel, Salesman, Crookley, and Bailiff in Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel episode entitled “The Kidnapping”.  IDS 417.
  • Fibber McGee & Messenger in Fibber McGee and Molly episode entitled “Valentine Candy”.  IDS 423.
  • Chester A. Riley in Life of Riley episode entitled “The Giant Easter Bunny”.  IDS 430.
  • Romney Greel in Quiet Please episode entitled “Below Fifth Avenue.”  IDS 438.
  • James Dyke in Romance episode entitled “The Valiant”.  IDS 443.
  • Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes episode entitled “The Problem with Thor Bridge”.  IDS 447.
  • Clyde in Quiet Please episode entitled “Three Sides to a Story.”  IDS 452.
  • Announcer and Narrator in Escape! episode entitled “The Fall of the House of Usher.”  IDS 460.
  • Announcer and Mr. Boynton in Our Miss Brooks episode entitled “Thanksgiving Show”.  IDS 464.
  • Sherlock Holmes, 1st Cabbie, Lionel, and Sammy in Sherlock Holmes episode entitled “The Night Before Christmas.”  IDS 468.
  • Ambrose J. Weems, Eddie McGuirk, Louie, and Nurse in Station KUKU.  IDS 469.
  • 108303715 (Frank Smith) and Clerk in Suspense episode entitled “2462”.  IDS 470.
  • Chester A. Riley and Announcer in Life of Riley episode entitled “Valentine Locket”.  IDS 475.
  • Boston Blackie and Announcer in Boston Blackie episode entitled “Boston Blackie and the Fur Trade.”  IDS 480.
  • George Cooper in My Favorite Husband episode entitled “Spring Cleaning”.  IDS 482.
  • Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes episode entitled “The Speckled Band”.  IDS 491.


Trailer for: Scarecrows Will Never See the Sunset

Published on Aug 19, 2014

Playhouse Nashville presents the World Premiere of Darren Michael’s SCARECROWS WILL NEVER SEE THE SUNSET nightly through August 24, 2014 at 7:30pm in residence at 1933 Elm Hill Pike. Inspired by actual events during the 1920s & 30s oil boom in rural Arkansas, this non-linear journey into the tragic events that shaped the life of Bo Legend and his family, features Michael Adcock as Bo Legend, Jack Chambers as Bear Legend, Bonnie Keen as Mama Legend, John Mauldin as Thorn Bradshaw, Becky Wahlstrom as Lilly Bradshaw, and Rob Wilds as John Legend. Directed by Christopher R.C. Bosen, and stage managed by Mary Jo Weaver, with lighting design by Katie Gant & costume design by Colleen Garatoni. Reserved seat tickets $20 at, & pay-what-you-can artist rush tickets released at curtain pending availability. (Recording of SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT by Bonnie Keen used with permission)

New Gig Alert: Thorn Bradshaw in Scarecrows Will Never See the Sunset

I am proud to announce that I got the word that I will be playing Thorn Bradshaw in Playhouse Nashville‘s production of Scarecrows Will Never See the Sunset by Darren V. Michael.  It runs August 16-24, 2014.

Here’s the “official word”:

Two days of auditions. One dynamic ensemble. We are delighted to announce Michael Adcock, Jack Chambers, Bonnie Keen, John Mauldin, Becky Wahlstrom, and Rob Wilds as the cast for Darren Michael’s World Premiere of SCARECROWS WILL NEVER SEE THE SUNSET Aug. 16-24.

More info to follow as it develops…

Roger’s Version Closes after a Successful Run

Blackbird Theater‘s production of their adaptation of John Updike’s Roger’s Version closes after a limited run to a enthusiastic response from audience and critics alike.  Here’s what was said:

Tennessean theatre critic Amy Stumpfl offers a first review of our production of ROGER’S VERSION, saying “Blackbird has produced another remarkably compelling piece of theater”.  Read the full review.

Nashville Scene theatre critic Martin Brady calls Roger’s Version “very smart stuff . . . highly recommended for theatergoers who like to think”, and declares David Compton’s performance as Roger Lambert a “spectacular tour de force”.  Read the full review.

Nashville arts critic Evans Donnell reviews Roger’s Version for “Director Wes Driver nimbly walks the tightrope between intellectual rigor and emotional engagement.” And granted, I had a small portion of the success in this one but it is always nice to be noticed, “…while John Mauldin deftly handles a very delicate situation as an emergency room doctor.”  Read the full review.


L to R:  Me as the Doctor, Amanda Card as Verna, and David Compton as Roger Lambert.  Photo by John Gentry Photography
L to R: Me as the Doctor, Amanda Card as Verna, and David Compton as Roger Lambert. Photo by John Gentry Photography

It was great to work with these amazing actors, meet new friends, and work again with others.  Thanks to Wes and Greg for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to the next project and the next time I get to work with all the fine folks associated with Blackbird Theater.

the cast of Roger's Version.  Blackbird Theater, Summer 2014.  Photo by John Gentry Photography.
the cast of Roger’s Version. Blackbird Theater, Summer 2014. Photo by John Gentry Photography.

BBT: Roger’s Version Opens Tonight

Blackbird Theater presents the world premiere production of ROGER’S VERSION, an original stage adaptation of the novel by John Updike.

The story follows Roger Lambert, a bad-tempered divinity professor who finds his staid academic life and complacent faith challenged by the passionate ideas of Dale Kohler, a grad student who seeks to prove God’s existence through computer technology.

Adapted and Directed by Wes Driver.

Roger – David Compton
Dale – Kris Wente
Verna – Amanda Card
Esther – Corrie Miller

Also featuring: Richard Daniel (Closson), David Chattam (Vanderluyten), Robyn Berg (Abrams), Brad Forrister (Snea), Lane Wright (Kriegman), John Mauldin (The Doctor), and Riley Hollingsworth (Richie).

Venue: Shamblin Theatre at Lipscomb University, 3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204.

Fri, 5.30.14, 7:30 PM
Sat, 5.31.14, 7:30 PM
Sun, 6.1.14, 2:30 PM
Wed, 6.4.14, 7:30 PM
Thu (Special Performance for CSC)
Fri, 6.6.14, 7:30 PM
Sat, 6.7.14, 7:30 PM
Sun, 6.8.14, 2:30 PM

For mature audiences.

I’m thrilled to be part of this project and to work with these fine folks on this production!  Come check it out!