Boiler Room Theatre “Of Mice and Men” opens this Friday

Poster for Boiler Room Theatre's production, "Of MIce and Men" Ross Bolen as George Milton, John Mauldin as Lennie Small. Photo by Rick Malkin

So we are about to open “Of Mice and Men” this Friday and I am super stoked.  This has been a great cast to work with and everyone has strong acting moments throughout the course of the play.  Thanks to Travis Brazil for his direction and for giving me this opportunity to play Lennie.  Getcha Tickets!!

Follow the link below to find out how:

The Tennessean PR Article

5 thoughts on “Boiler Room Theatre “Of Mice and Men” opens this Friday”

  1. I caught last night’s performance at the Boiler Room Theatre. Your performance — vocal nuances, facial expressions, and physical mannerisms — impressed this audience member. Thanks for contributing to such a gratifying experience!

  2. Your kind words are very much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the play. “Of Mice and Men” happens to be one of my favorite stories. Thanks again!

  3. I saw “of Mice and Men” Friday nite at the Boiler Roon Theatre..It was EXCELLENT and You were FANTASTIC..You played Lennie to Perfection..You made me smile, laugh and cry..All signs of good acting…Thank You…I am soooo glad I went to see this production as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words…I am glad you were there and that you enjoyed it!

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