Escanaba in da Moonlight: in Rehearsals!

The next project for me…”Escanaba in da  Moonlight”.  I am playing Reuben Soady in this Jeff Daniels comedy at Boiler Room Theatre.  It runs May 31st-June 15 2013!  Tix by calling 615-794-7744!


When the Soady clan reunites for the opening day of deer season at the family’s Upper Peninsula camp, thirty-five-year-old Reuben Soady brings with him the infamous reputation of being the oldest Soady in the history of the Soadys never to bag a buck. In a hunting story to beat all hunting stories, ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT spins a hilarious tale of humor, horror and heart as Reuben goes to any and all lengths to remove himself from the wrong end of the family record.

“ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT is a tall tale inspired by a larger than life corner of America…Daniels gives his audience plenty to laugh at plus a little something to think about.” —Oakland Press.

“ESCANABA is a Super Yooper Comedy.” —Ann Arbor News.

“…a flawless night of entertainment…” —Chelsea News-Review.


Albert Soady:  Scott Stewart

Reuben Soady:  John Mauldin
Remnar Soady:  Andrew Derminio
Ranger Tom:  Scott Rice
Jimmer:  Douglas Goodman
Wolf Moon Dance:  Vicki White Levy and Neely Green


“Of Mice and Men”: the reviews are in…it’s a hit!

Of Mice and Men cast. Show opens tonight and runs thru May 5th at Boiler Room Theatre. (photo by Rick Malkin)

So, the reviews are in and all were very kind to the production.  There were also very kind words about my performance as well. I am greatly appreciative for the positive feedback from the critics as well as the theatre-goers who have expressed similar sentiments. The response has been overwhelming!  This has been a wonderful experience with a fantastic ensemble cast, fabulous director, and ever hardworking stage manager! Please read the excerpts below but do follow the links to the respective articles as they do shine light on this wonderful production team…cast and crew alike.

from Evans Donnell (

Mauldin is incredible as Lennie. The actor-director-educator is best known in the local theatre community for his podcast interviews at The Inexplicable Dumb Show website (, but after his BRT debut hopefully more will come to appreciate his substantial gifts as a performer.

Mauldin completely and poignantly inhabits Lennie from the moment we see him near a river stroking a mouse he’s found. The actor conveys Lennie’s love for George and his reactions to the play’s other denizens as a great dancer would; the technically and artistically-wedded movements, gestures and emotions present in each moment are mesmerizing.

Lennie is one of life’s true innocents, and Mauldin’s beautiful work so underlines the cruelty of placing a sweet soul in so sad a situation that your heart aches for Lennie. His scene with Haines’ unhappy and pitiable character is a great example of that; we understand what he says and does is not motivated by prurient desires while knowing Curley and others will never see it that way.

Click here for the rest of Evans’s review.

from Jeffrey Ellis (

Mauldin’s performance of Lennie is beautifully drawn as he portrays the lumbering manchild with a guileless mien, easily skirting stereotype—or taking the easy way out—by presenting Lennie as something more than a simpleton, yet something less than a fully sentient being. His performance is enormously affecting, his delivery of each of Lennie’s lines underscored by pathos and deeper meaning.

Click here for the rest of Jef’s review.

from Amy Prough Stumpfl (The Tennessean):

And Boiler Room newcomers Ross Bolen and John Mauldin are outstanding as George and Lennie — wonderfully mismatched in physicality and temperament…Meanwhile, Mauldin plays Lennie with surprising depth and quiet dignity. He completely loses himself in the character, his face lighting up with childlike wonder only to cloud back over with confusion and disappointment.

Click here for the rest of Amy’s review.

from Martin Brady (The Nashville Scene):

George and Lennie’s personal dynamic is established early on, and the thoughtfully rendered performances by Ross Bolen and John Mauldin never falter. As George, Bolen is tough, hardscrabble and realistic. Mauldin, meanwhile, effectively works his role’s pathos after developing a moving characterization that thankfully avoids caricature.

Click here for the rest of Martin’s review.


Of Mice and Men runs through May 5th, 2012 at the Boiler Room Theatre.  Tickets are available by calling 615-794-7744 or by going here.



some OF MICE AND MEN photos

Of Mice and Men cast. Show opens tonight and runs thru May 5th at Boiler Room Theatre. (photo by Rick Malkin)
Of Mice and Men Set and lights by Corbin Green. Costumes by Katie Delaney. Ross Bolen as George. John Mauldin (me) as Lennie. Directed by Travis Brazil. Stage managed by J.R. Knowles. (photo by Rick Malkin) Opens April 13th and runs thru May 5th, 2012.
John Mauldin as Lennie; Ross Bolen as George (photo by Rick Malkin)
L to R: Zack McCann as Curley; John Mauldin as Lennie; Phil Brady as Candy; Ross Bolen as George. (photo by Rick Malkin)
L to R: Ross Bolen as George; Dan McGeachy as Carlson; Cory Caldwell as Slim. (photo by Rick Malkin)
L to R: Cory Caldwell as Slim; Zack McCann as Curley; Bryce Conner as Whit. (photo by Rick Malkin)
L to R: Phil Brady as Candy; Ross Bolen as George; John Mauldin as Lennie. (photo by Rick Malkin)
L to R: Phil Brady as Candy; Erica Lee Haines as Curley's wife; Ross Bolen as George; John Mauldin as Lennie; Joel Diggs as Crooks. (photo by Rick Malkin)
John Mauldin as Lennie. (photo by Rick Malkin)
Erica Lee Haines as Curley's Wife; John Mauldin as Lennie. (photo by Rick Malkin)

Boiler Room Theatre “Of Mice and Men” opens this Friday

Poster for Boiler Room Theatre's production, "Of MIce and Men" Ross Bolen as George Milton, John Mauldin as Lennie Small. Photo by Rick Malkin

So we are about to open “Of Mice and Men” this Friday and I am super stoked.  This has been a great cast to work with and everyone has strong acting moments throughout the course of the play.  Thanks to Travis Brazil for his direction and for giving me this opportunity to play Lennie.  Getcha Tickets!!

Follow the link below to find out how:

The Tennessean PR Article