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  • Escanaba in da Moonlight opens this Friday

    Boiler Room Theatre’s production of Jeff Daniels’ Escanaba in da Moonlight opens this Friday, May 31st!  Curtain at 8pm.  See ya at the theatre!!

  • Escanaba in da Moonlight: in Rehearsals!

    The next project for me…”Escanaba in da  Moonlight”.  I am playing Reuben Soady in this Jeff Daniels comedy at Boiler Room Theatre.  It runs May 31st-June 15 2013!  Tix by calling 615-794-7744!   When the Soady clan reunites for the opening day of deer season at the family’s Upper Peninsula camp, thirty-five-year-old Reuben Soady brings…

  • “Of Mice and Men”: the reviews are in…it’s a hit!

    So, the reviews are in and all were very kind to the production.  There were also very kind words about my performance as well. I am greatly appreciative for the positive feedback from the critics as well as the theatre-goers who have expressed similar sentiments. The response has been overwhelming!  This has been a wonderful…

  • some OF MICE AND MEN photos

  • Boiler Room Theatre “Of Mice and Men” opens this Friday

    So we are about to open “Of Mice and Men” this Friday and I am super stoked.  This has been a great cast to work with and everyone has strong acting moments throughout the course of the play.  Thanks to Travis Brazil for his direction and for giving me this opportunity to play Lennie.  Getcha…

  • Of Mice and Men Poster

    So, here ’tis:

  • Gig alert: Of Mice and Men

    UPDATE:  I have been cast as Lennie Small in Boiler Room Theatre’s production of “Of Mice and Men“.  The show runs April 13th through May 5th, 2012.  I am super excited to be part of this production and very grateful for this opportunity.  More info to follow…soon.