wake up call

So I recently opened my mail and received a wake up call. It was an invitation to my 15 year high school re-union. Wow. Has it been that long…I feel old. I do look forward to seeing all my old classmates and getting the updates to their lives. I guess being involved with high school kids all summer has made realize all the great and not so great times we all had at PHS. Even though it is now the junior high. Hm.

I will let you all know if I survive this with my psyche intact. Odds are…

more later.

2 thoughts on “wake up call”

  1. Hey John!! How in the heck are you? You look exactly the same! I’m glad to hear that you are doing well. Please email me sometime. We will have to keep in touch. See you at the reunion!

  2. Hello John! Glad to see you are doing well. I will see you at the reunion also! :) -Bon

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