The Rainmaker has closed.

After a successful run, The Rainmaker, has closed at Chaffin’s Barn.  I would like to thank several people for the good times at the barn.  First off, Samuel Whited for casting me, Martha Wilkinson for going along with Sam and Mary Jo Weaver for running a tight, but awesome ship thru the rehearsal process to the run of the play.  To my cast mates, it was wonderful to work with some of you for the first time, repeat work with some of you and work in a entirely new capacity with some of you than before.  I wish all of you much continued success and work!  Hopefully, we will tread the boards together again soon.

left to right: John Mauldin as "Sheriff Thomas", Lane Wright as "H.C.", Flynt Foster as "File", Daniel Hackman as "Jim", and Warren H. Gore as "Noah". Photo by Christopher Bosen

Lastly, to the Chaffins…thanks for 45 years of live theatre in Nashville.  Long may the “magic” stage raise and lower!