So what’s new…again.

So time has flown by and updates are forgotten…this is why the artist’s way was not a big success for me.  Journaling and  updating are clearly not my strong suit.  I have to admit sometimes I can get ‘technoed out” and the last thing I want to do is face a computer screen…yeah, I know… what kind of cheese would I like with my w(h)ine.

So what’s been happening…Gov. School came and went this summer with a great success and a little stress (ie. moving venues and meeting a very strict schedule) but the students were awesome and their work was amazing.  I have to give a big shout out to the faculty as again this year they were…fantabulous!

I have to admit that I reached a state of burnout and that I wanted to do very little to anything but play golf.  Snicker, snicker…golf…yeah, I know and I have to say that I am really not that good.  But I really enjoy it and I look at golf as a walk with strategy.  Plus, you gotta love the pants, right?  I estimate my handicap to be somewhere between 40 and infinity…but that hardly matters.

I am teaching 5 classes this Fall: 4 Theatre Appreciation and 1 fundamentals of acting.  It’s still early days but the students seem to have a great energy to them and I hope we can build on that over the course of the semester.

I have a shakespeare project lined up and maybe a few other things…more on that later, I swear!