RIP Dale McGilliard

I will not presume to know the scope and breadth of everyone’s relationship with Dale nor will I prescribe an emotion to their hearts; however, since this also serves as my vessel of grief…I will say that I lost a mentor, teacher, and friend. I am deeply saddened. Time is limitless but our lives are finite so please appreciate those in your own lives a little more today. For Dale.  (1951-2008)



2 thoughts on “RIP Dale McGilliard”

  1. i was so sad when i heard this news. my daughter called me from nyc crying soon after he was gone. i couldnt imagine what was wrong, but finally thru her tears she told me about dale. he meant so much to so many. he will have a lasting impact on SO many people, me included. i am only a parent of a child who was guided by him at governor’s school one summer, but he made such an impact on our family. i will think of him often.

  2. Thanks for your comments. It is sometimes hard to imagine the impact Dale had on so many people. If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, next Friday Jan 23 at 4:30 pm in Tucker Theatre, we are having a memorial service. You are welcome to come if you want to.

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