A Sneak Peak: Sam Robish in The Desperate Hours

So here’s a sneak peek into what Sam Robish will look like in the home invasion thriller, The Desperate Hours.  The production runs Oct. 12th-28th at Street Theatre Company.  Here are some photos taken after PR photo shoot…more details to come soon!  Remember, it’s only a play.

Me as Sam Robish in The Desperate Hours. Photo by Ryan Williams (director)


Me as Sam Robish and Luke Hatmaker as Glenn Griffin in The Desperate Hours. Photo by Ryan Williams (director)

The Desperate Hours Rehearsals have begun

The rehearsals have begun for The Desperate Hours which will run October 12-28 at Street Theatre Company.  I am really enjoying working with the cast, stage manager, and director.  The play creates a hostile and raw world which demands a lot of the cast.  Playing psychopath, Sam Robish, in the stressful situation of a home invasion is not a walk in the park.   But it should be good theatre!

Tickets can be found here or by calling 615-554-7414.