Tag: Blackbird Theater

  • The Crucible at Blackbird Theater

    This is my next project and it is going to epic. The show artwork is incredible, the cast is killer, and the director and design team are top notch. I’m thrilled to be playing Thomas Putnam in this production. Mark the dates, y’all and check out Blackbird Theater for more details.  Tickets here.

  • Rehearsals Started Today: Amadeus

    So rehearsals started today for: Opens March 8th and runs thru March 23rd.  I am playing Salieri’s Valet/Ensemble.  Tickets can be found here.

  • The Fall is Looking Good

    So, Fall of 2012 is looking pretty good!  I just booked a couple of gigs.  I will play Sam Robish in The Desperate Hours for Street Theatre Company which runs Oct. 12-28th.  Then around the Holiday Season I will play both Christmas Present and Old Joe in A Christmas Carol for Lamplighter’s Theatre Company which…